Worship Services in July and August

2nd July at 10-30am       WCBF and St Andrew’s Service at Barnoldswick led by Norman     

9th July at 10-30am        All Age WCBF Service at Mount Zion led by Norman

               at 6.30 p.m        Now Praise at Barnoldswick 

16th July at 10-30am      WCBF and St Andrew’s Service at BBC led by Norman

                                         Sunday Club at Home at Mel & Nick’s     

23rd July at 10-30am      WCBF Communion Service at Mount Zion led by Norman

30th July at 10-30am      WCBF Service at Salterforth led by Norman

6th August at 10-30am   WCBF and St Andrew’s  Service at BBC led by Norman     

13th August at 10-30am All Age WCBF Service at Mount Zion

20th August at 10-30am WCBF Communion Service at Salterforth led by Norman

                                          Sunday Club at Home at Nick and Mels

27th August at 10-30am WCBF  Service celebrating the WCBF Anniversary at Mount Zion led                                            by Norman

 Other Activities in July and August

Monday 24th July at 7.30 p.m.  WCBF Finance and Fabric Meeting  at Robin and Sheila’s home

Tuesday 25th July  at 2.00 p.m. Afternoon Home Group at Edith Sheldrakes home 20 Denton Street.

Wednesday 26th July at 8pm  Home Group   Rob and Abi’s 9 East Avenue, Barnoldswick


Thursday 27th July 12.30  Prayer Lunch    Baptist Church Centre Barnoldswick                       

Monday 7th August        Barlick Beach The churches will be involved with Crafts on  Mondays in August. We are looking for new volunteers to help.  Please let Alison or Keith know if you can help.          

Wednesday 9th Augusat 7.45pm  WCBF Deacons Meeting Mount Zion

Sunday 13th August  Hope Barlick Messy Church ( 3-4pm) Praise on the Beach (4-5pm) Town Square  

Thursday 24th August at 12-30pm        Prayer Lunch     Venue to be decided.

Wednesday 30th August at 8pm  Home Group at Rob and Abi’s

Dates for your Diary

Sunday 1 October 2017 at 2-30pm

Colne Orpheus Glee Union in concert  at 2-30pm at Baptist Church Centre at 2-30pm. Tickets available from Social & Fundraising Group £5.


Mount Zion's 200th Anniversary will be in 2019. We would like to form a team of people to plan events to mark the occasion. If you would like to be involved, please see Julie Bryan.


BMS Birthday Scheme

Do something wonderful on your birthday. Share the gift of life.

As you celebrate your birthday, give someone else a reason to celebrate too.

When you give thanks for another year of life, give something back as a donation to the BMS Birthday Scheme.   Please speak to Trish for more information or to sign up. Thank you.

Norman’s wisdom 

Unanswered Questions

The news this morning as I write these words is of yet more violence and loss of life – a terror attack outside a Mosque in Finsbury Park. This comes hard on the heels of the tragedy at Grenfell Tower which has claimed 79 lives – the number still rising as the search and investigation continues. At the same time we are hearing that Portugal is in mourning for those who have died in a forest fire.

People of faith will be hearing again those age-old questions about how it is possible to believe in a God of love when such things happen in the world. Perhaps not just hearing those questions, but asking them ourselves! I’m sure when I was younger I thought that there would be an answer for every question - that it was just a matter of fitting everything together like a giant jigsaw puzzle. Eventually I would put the last piece in its place and everything would make sense.

Now I think there are unanswered questions in life whether you believe in God or not. It is the nature of being human that we seek to understand as much as we can, but we also come face to face with our limitations. It is better to say ‘I don’t know’ than to offer answers that don’t convince us, let alone anyone else. Better to pray than to pretend you can explain. Better to mourn with those who mourn, than to act like Job’s ‘comforters’.